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HEMA gathering in April

Photo: Konstantin Rebek
(Listening to The Walkabouts: The Dustlands)

Swords, sabres and rapiers.
Pastry, grilled meat and muffins that most probably rank among Top3 in the world.
Sparring, practice and tons of fun.

These are the keywords I would use to describe the event that took place on the last Sunday in April.

A number of HEMAists gathered on the lawn in front of Miran Krstičić’ house.
In the early afternoon this generous host welcomed HEMAists from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Slovakia, as well as some of his acquaintances with their families.
Those observed the HEMAists fighting in bouts and exchanging experience with keen interest.

Photo: Konstantin Rebek
The event was a good opportunity for HEMAists to compare various bits of protective equipment and to discuss possibilities of improving it. Throughout the event, sparring was almost uninterrupted.

At first glance, one might conclude that longsword lost its place to sabre as the weapon of choice, as many participants chose the latter for sparring.
Even the writer of this post is a proud owner of two excellent sabres made by the very host of the event.

Miran Krstičić has designed and produced steel replicas of historical weapons for a length of time. His products are especially suitable for HEMA practice and fighting in bouts.
To achieve high quality of his products, he had to undertake in-depth research, testing, gathering feedback and be very innovative.
We in the AAD are extremely glad to have a very good sabre design at our disposal, which enables safe and efficient practice and sparring.
Miran is currently developing an economic model of 17th Cent rapier, as well as 16th Cent federschwert

The guests were given a tour of Miran’s workshop, where processes of replica production were explained. Now we all know exactly how much effort, precision and persistence is needed to produce safe and reliable steel replicas of historical weapons.

Photo: Gregor Rozman
Learning how to use one’s blade in a proper manner is also a part of exercise. Proper use is affected by proper form and proper movement which we could practice a bit using some sharpened blades.

In a safe and controlled environment plastic bottles filled with water and cardboard rolls were at disposal for cutting and thrusting.

Needless to say, it was also a great opportunity for good fun and salves of laughter.

The initiator of the event Alen Lovrič - also an instructor at the AAD - had another idea.
The event could also be viewed as a demonstration of solidarity in our local HEMA community.
 In his invitation to the event he asked the participants to donate to a fund to procure a kiln for Miran’s workshop - an essential tool in weapon production.

The result was fantastic - a total sum of €740 was donated to the fund!

The great result of our gathering points to members of our little community being closely connected. As the community grows, we also have the responsibility of keeping those closely-woven ties” said Alen.

Miran Krstičić was happy. “It was awesome and I’m very pleased. I hope to see all of them again in the same great atmosphere!

With the weather getting warmer and days getting longer, we hope for more such events in splendid surroundings with splendid people.
As Alen winked at me saying: “What is best in life? Swords, coffee and good company!

Photo: Gregor Rozman
I met new people, had good food, cut some water bottles for the first time, while at the same time helping a new smith make better products. Looking forward to doing it again.” (Ivan Čurić, Ars Gladiatoria from Croatia)

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