petek, 17. avgust 2012

International gathering in Celje

Slovenska različica

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After taking part at numerous gatherings of HEMA practitioners, we are proud to extend invitation to the first HEMA international gathering in Slovenia.

The event is planned as a meeting ground for research, learning and exchange of HEMA. Furthermore, it offers quality presentations in the context of our rich martial heritage.

Everyone is invited to HEMA Celje 2012.
Not only practitioners of HEMA - beginners and advanced. Everyone who is interested to learn more about our rich martial heritage.

We are honoured to host experianced and renowned instructors:

Cor Kronenburg, Zwaard en Steen (biomechanics)
Martin Enzi, Dreynschlag (messer)
Martin Fabian, Bratislavský šermiarsky spolok (longsword)
Arto Fama, Zwaard en Steen (longsword)
Gregor Medvešek, Schola pugnatoria Celeiana – Celjska borilna šola (ringen)
Igor Sancin, Schola pugnatoria Celeiana – Celjska borilna šola (dagger)
Matija Tomc, Academia artis dimicatoriae (sabre)
Reinier van Noort, School voor Historische Schermkunsten (rapier)
Roman Vučajnk, Academia artis dimicatoriae (staff)
Lea Zavodnik, Academia artis dimicatoriae (conditioning)

Registered participants of HEMA Celje 2012 will have an exclusive privilege of attending “White Gloves Evening” at Celje Regional Museum. Various artefacts of our historical heritage (weaponsand equipment) will be allowed to be examined at a closer look.

The organizers are Slovene groups Schola pugnatoria Celeiana in Academia artis dimicatoriae.
The event shall take place in the Sports hall of Gimnazija Celje Center.

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