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Jogo do Pau with Luis Preto, 1 and 2 March 2014

Luis Preto is a renowned instructor.
On 1st and 2nd March 2014 we shall have the opportunity to practice with one of the most renowned Jogo do Pau instructors - Luis Preto.

Jogo do Pau (lit. "game of the stick") is a Portuguese martial art of fighting with a staff in a single combat or against multiple opponents. The original purpose of Jogo do Pau was self-defence (traditional combat staffs had a hidden sharp blade fixed on one end); the 1970s witness the modern revival of this ancient martial art.

Luis Preto was born in the late 1970s in the UK and was raised in Portugal. After having resided in Germany and Canada, he is currently living in Norway.
He holds two Master degrees in Sport Sciences (one on teaching sports' methodologies from ULHT, Lisbon, and the other on coaching sciences from UBC, Vancouver).

Luis' main mission is to promote the optimization of martial skills' development by making specific coaching programmes on martial concepts and teaching & coaching skills.

Luis Preto is the author of a number of books on martial arts:
- Jogo do Pau: The ancient art & modern science of Portuguese stick fighting
- Combat in outnumbered scenarios: The origin of Historical Fencing
- Fencing Martial Arts: How to sequence the teaching of technique and tactics
- Staff, baton & longsword combat series: Functional parrying skill
- Staff, baton & longsword combat series: Understanding and developing footwork
- Optimizing the teaching curriculum of technique and tactics
- Understanding physical conditioning: A movement based approach
- Development of technical & tactical skill

Academia artis dimicatoriae organizes a weekend workshop; we aim to cover many technical and tactical aspects of fighting with staff, exploring conditions of fighting a single opponent, as well as facing multiple opponents.

- a single staff (150 cm, no more than 25 mm in diameter), a number of staffs will be available (if you would like one, please, notify us in the Registration Form),
- gym shoes,
- comfortable wear.

- 40 Euros for two days
- 30 Euros for one day
- 5 Euros for one staff

The fee covers the workshop participation and refreshment during the day.
Meals are not included.

Location of the gym:
Osnovna šola Vide Pregarc
Bazoviška ulica 1 

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