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Hemalogy: Crossing the Line

A rapier workshop with Reinier van Noort on 5-6 July 2014

Academia artis dimicatoriae is proud to invite all rapier aficionados to a two-day rapier workshop led by an internationally renowned instructor and HEMA researcher Reinier van Noort (SHS).

The workshop is suitable for beginners, who wish to be introduced to this majestic weapon, as well as for more experienced rapierists, who want to explore the art of fencing further.

The workshop is set in Ljubljana with lots of pleasant things to explore and experience in a summer weekend.

After taking a look at footwork, the posture, holding the sword and the lunge, we shall turn our attention to the idea of the line, how to close it in order to approach the opponent in a safe way (strengeren) and how to disengage (caveren).

We shall continue by taking a look at lessons using attacks on a step of the left foot (Passade), voiding by turning the body away and stepping likewise (Volta), using the left hand and many more useful techniques.
Naturally, we will not ignore the parrying.

The workshop will also include grappling (disarms, throws, breaking limbs being just some of the interesting approach to anatomy).

Free play is certainly something we shall include, too!

Reinier van Noort (born 1980) is the main instructor and founder of the School forHistorical Fencing Arts. Though he has always had a keen interest in both knights and martial arts, he did not give in to those interests (except for practicing some Judo and Taekwondo at an early age) until he started modern (Olympic) fencing in 2003. 

In the summer of 2005 he was introduced to Medieval European Martial Arts via a summer-course organised by the Orde der Noorderwind. From 2005 until 2010, Reinier has trained and worked with the Orde der Noorderwind, where he has participated in various stage shows, and two film projects, both as a stunt fighter and a fight choreographer. 

Since 2007 Reinier has increasingly been active as trainer with the Orde der Noorderwind. Through Noorderwind, Reinier also came into contact with Zwaard en Steen, where he has also trained from 2005 to 2008. 
In 2008 he quit Zwaard en Steen in order to train Kadochnikov Systema with Maxim Pipotja in Amersfoort. In October 2009 he made the first English translation of Bruchius' "Scherm- ofte Wapen-konste" (Fencing- or Weapon-Art"). 

Around that time, he also started studying this interesting work more closely, and since January 2010 he has been researching and practising the Fencing Art described by Bruchius in practice.
Reinier van Noort taught at the first HEMA Celje event in 2012.

For participants who will travel to Ljubljana there is an option to stay at the hostel Dijaški dom Ivana Cankarja (during a school year, it serves as a students' dorm).

If you need more advise how to get to Ljubljana, please see our blog post here.

Equipment needed: protective mask, gloves, chest protector, gambeson, groin protector, rapier.
In case you are not sure, whether your equipment is suitable, contact us to discuss it.

Workshop fee: 40€ (two days), 30€ one day)
Accommodation: 30€ (two nights; 4th, 5th July)
Extra night (6th July): 15€
The fee does not cover the cost of food.

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